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Project Experience & Portfolio

Contact us to find out more about our previous projects and experience. CriTech Research has an exceptional track record of testing and developing medical device software for a wide range of applications. Our experience with medical manufacturing applications includes line control, incoming and manufacturing acceptance test, and sterilization systems.

Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
Enteral Nutrition Pumps Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Arthrombic Pumps External Heart Defibrillator System Optical Biopsy System
Artificial Heart Flat Panel X-Ray Systems Optical Coherence Tomography
Bioimpedance Instruments for Lymphedema Gamma Cameras Pain Management
Blood Chemistry Analyzers Glucose Meters & Patient Software (PC and Web) Plasma Pathogen Inactivation
Blood Cell Counters Hearing Systems Point of Care Diagnostic Meters
Blood Parameter Monitoring Systems HIV Diagnostic System Pulse Oximeters
Cardiac Ablation System Hospital Information Systems (HIS) Interface Radiation Treatment Planning Systems
Cardiac Assist Implanted Heart Defibrillator and Pacing Systems Robotic Surgical Control System
Dental Implant Imaging System Intraocular Lens (IOL) Test Fixture Slide Stainer Management
Diabetes Glucose Meters and Insulin Pumps Hospital Bed and Operating Room Mattress Pads/Surfaces Stem Cell Growth Systems
Dialysis Systems Hospital Infusion Pumps Stereotactic  Radiosurgical/
Radiotherapeutic Systems
DICOM - Capture, Analysis, and Display Hospital Patient Monitors Sterilization Systems
DNA/RNA Diagnostic Systems Lab Information Systems (LIS) Interface Ventricular Assist Devices
ECG Holter Monitors Neonatal Incubators Wireless EEG
EEG Monitoring Mammography Systems Neurostimulator - embedded software and programmer
Endoscopic Surgical System Migraine Patch

We specialize in software verification and validation for medical devices.